We hope these practice tracks will help you in your preparation for the event. For songs involving multiple parts, please ask your teacher to assign you to Part I or Part II.

You can click on the PDFs below to download the sheet music for each piece. Singers will receive original copies on the day of the honor choir.


All singers should have practiced their music and be very familiar with each piece upon arrival. 

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Sheet Music

practice tracks

Amani Part 1, m. 17-32
Amani Part 1, m. 35-65
Amani Part 1, m. 66-end
Amani Part 2, m. 9-32
Amani Part 2, m. 35-65
Amani Part 2, m. 66-end
To Music melody
Cedar Swamp Intro

*All singers will learn the same part in To Music. Please practice the English text.

Cedar Swamp m. 15-38
Cedar Swamp Part 1, m. 51-78
Cedar Swamp Part 1, m. 85-105
Cedar Swamp Part 1, m. 110-144
Aleluya Part 1
Cedar Swamp Part 2, m. 43-78
Aleluya Part 2
Cedar Swamp Part 2, m. 85-105
Cedar Swamp Part 2, m. 110-144
Amani ALL
00:00 / 02:41
Aleluya ALL
00:00 / 02:17
Cedar Swamp ALL
00:00 / 04:19