Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be in LSYC?

The cost of participation in the Resident Choir Program varies between $500 - $600 per singer based on choir placement. Payment plans are offered for tuition fees. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration.

  • Level I choir (Choristers) - $500*
  • Level II choir (Concert Choir) - $550*
  • Changing Voices Choir (Camerata) - $500*
  • Level III Choir (Cantemus) - $600*
Participation in LSYC’s outreach programs also have varying one-time registration fees paid at the time of registration.
  • Prelude - $100* per singer
  • Some Prelude sites are eligible for a reduced cost. Specific site costs are determined each semester and communicated prior to registration.
  • Summer Sing - $200 per singer
  • This registration fee includes daily lunch, snacks, and a tote bag.
  • Honor Choir - $15 per singer
*At LSYC, we are firm believers in never turning a child away due to a financial concern. If your family would like to be considered for financial assistance, please fill out and submit our Financial Aid form.

What type of music do the choirs sing?

LSYC choirs sing a variety of repertoire from many different cultures, styles, and levels of difficulty. From traditional choral works by renowned composers to popular music arranged just for a choir, LSYC singers discover their voices through all different kinds of music. Each song selected for LSYC ensembles is strategically picked to challenge, inspire, and educate LSYC singers.

How are the choirs decided?

Auditions are held for LSYC’s Resident Choir Program in June each year. Singers are observed by directors and other staff as they sing and interact with other auditionees. Singers are placed in a choir according to grade level, musical ability, and attitude towards staff, other auditionees, and audition activities. Following auditions, directors and staff decide where a singer should be placed (Prelude, Choristers, Concert Choir, Camerata, or Cantemus) in order to best benefit both the singer and LSYC.

How often do the choirs perform?

LSYC performs in three official season concerts each season: December (Holiday Reflections) and May (Sunset Serenade). The third season concert occurs in February/March at the end of LSYC Honor Choir Day. In addition, LSYC groups perform at several community events throughout the season, including Night at the NorShor, Christmas City Express Caroling at the Depot, MN Ballet Nutcracker, Elementary School Day Tour, annual fundraiser, church service or community event performances, LSYC’s Youth Choir Festival, and more. More detailed information about performances can always be found on LSYC’s season calendar.

How often do the choirs practice?

Resident choir rehearsals are every Sunday evening (during the school year) from 5pm-7pm at First Lutheran Church in Duluth. Additional rehearsals to prepare for performances are regularly held and are indicated on the season calendar.

We're not ready for a whole year commitment, is there something else we can do in the meantime?

Absolutely! We highly recommend that students who are not yet ready for a full season commitment register for one of LSYC’s outreach programs. Prelude is an eight-week introductory program for grades 2-5 and is a great first step for those interested in the Resident Choirs. Singers play music games, learn about the basics of singing, and perform at the LSYC dress rehearsal at the end of the eight-week course. Head to for more info!
Summer Sing is a four-day annual day camp offered to any interested singers entering grades 2-5. It’s a very fun way to get involved in LSYC over the summer months. Head to for more info!

What happens when my child's voice changes?

As your singer’s voice changes, LSYC works to make sure they feel safe and supported in that transition. With inclusivity as one of LSYC’s pillars, directors and staff work to ensure that as a singer’s voice changes, they have a place in the program for as long as possible. Prior to the 2019-2020 season, LSYC was forced to turn away male singers whose voices are no longer able to sing healthily in a treble ensemble. We are now proud to provide a new resident choir, Camerata, for boys whose voices have started to change. Singers should communicate with their director about their vocal needs as they begin this transition.

How young are the children in the choirs?

LSYC’s Resident Choir Program includes students in grades 3-10. LSYC’s Prelude Program and Summer Sing camps are open to students in grades 2-5*. *Summer Sing requires students to be entering between 2nd and 5th grade for the upcoming school year.